Colin Brooks ↰

Senior Developer @ Whitney Museum

How Many Hoppers?

An up to date count of the number of works by Edward Hopper currently on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art.


Mixed media enlargement of an imagined neuron, incorporating generative audio and video, projection mapping with Kinect and OpenCV, chicken wire, stainless steel, and acrylic.

Recursion lesson & survey

An experiment in teaching about the concept of recursion to new audiences using an animated Sierpinski triangle. Learners read a brief sequence of paragraphs describing recursion while the animation played alongside, then answered a brief survey on the topic.

Spheres II

Continued exploration of deconstructing spheres, limited color, galaxy-inspired movements and shapes, and generative growth.

Whitney Teens Open Studio sign in

A smarter sign in form for Whitney Museum teen events. Parses acronyms and commonly mis-entered information, aggregates data, and pushes it to a central Google Sheet.

Deconstructing Shells II

Early exploration of deconstructing spheres, galaxy-inspired movements and shapes, and generative growth.